Patients’ and Providers’ Impressions

If you are having any issues with chronic pain, I strongly recommend consulting with Dr. Bunch. She is a highly trained and knowledgeable physician specializing in the field of pain, its management and treatments to help her patients improve or overcome issues related to pain. Not only that, she truly cares for her patients and …

Katrina Vargas, DPT

Dear Dr Bunch, The procedure you did for my hip/back was a total success. It really worked better than any of the myriad of treatments I have sought over the years. I can get up from a sitting position easily, and it is no longer painful just to get up and walk after sitting for …

Cheri K

Dear Dr. Bunch, You have done what no other doctor has been able to do; relieve my neck pain, and lower back is so much better.  For this I thank you; my family thanks you.  I appreciate your kind manner, and respect your knowledge.

Heidi B.

We appreciate all that you have done to make our life a little easier. 🙂 Thanks Again.

Tamara & Austin

Dear Dr. Bunch, Just wanted to say “Thank You” once again for helping me out.  You have saved me hundreds of dollars.  Thank you sooooo much.

Sidney L.

Dear Dr. Bunch, I don’t know if ever I have been so satisfied with anything in my life!!  You’re a genius and your staff very friendly…I have some pain when full or have IBS and SIBO but NONE of the continuous pain I was getting.  I feel like a new woman – best in 10 …

Lesley S.

You’re an amazing doctor and an amazing woman all the way around! I’ve been so blessed to have you a part of my medical care team.  Can’t thank you enough! Not enough words to tell you how thankful I am for you!

Belva V.